touch and go (2021)

Cultivars:        Cinsault planted in the mid-1950s
Origin:                33°43’51.0″S 18°49’27.0″E
So what is the idea?
This wine that almost got away.
Most of the quality time I spent with my dad was either on the way back from a rugby match or next to him on a rock halfway into the sea, fishing.  Together we braved the elements and brought home stories and trophies. We shared victories and disappointments.  We both became acquainted with the heartbreak of the one that got away.  And in those moments, he passed on much more wisdom than simply where to cast for galjoen.
The grapes used for this Rose is from a block of Cinsault older than my dad.  The wine was destined for another market, but this was so unique, I wanted to share it with people closer to home.
So then, almost a catch and release.

About the wine


During practise landings, a pilot will let the landing gear kiss the runway and then take off again.  It’s a process that should never be rushed and is best if it leaves an impression rather than a dent.

During the wine making process, red grapes are left on their skins for just the right amount of time to leave the wine with the right amount of blush for your tipple.

Sam 17:29 And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?”

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