sideslip 2020

Cultivars: Mostly Shiraz for the fruit and juicy tannins.  A bit of Tannat and Durif to add structure and more complexity, richness and layers of flavour.
Origin:           Loosely grouped together vineyards
33°34’18.6″S 18°54’52.5″E
33°34’05.8″S 18°55’42.0″E
33°34’40.9″S 18°55’11.2″E
So what is the idea?
After finally graduating, the lesser spotted winemaker spread his wings to join the harvest in McLaren Vale, South Australia and Bédarrides in the south of France.  With a surfboard, naturally.
The two contrasting views: one, a more scientific approach, the other, generations of knowledge and experience both garnered his respect and admiration. Sideslip grew from the experimental 2019 Takeoff Red and balances both these approaches.  It speaks more of a regional red wine instead of a single block, single cultivar.  More a choir than a solo performer with an ardent local accent. A true expression of a sunshine wine.  Supple tannins make the 2020 vintage accessible from a young age, with the best still lying ahead.

About the wine


Altitude is like money in the bank while speed is like money in hand.  Too much of either makes for a rough landing.  Enter Sideslip – a fast controlled descent achieved by making your plane less aerodynamic. It is true that to achieve one’s objective, the answer is sometimes counter-intuitive.

This wine comes from a group of vineyards closely clustered together.  More blood, sweat and tears than new wood or other fancy aging regimes.  The process was controlled and a little unorthodox but sets you up for a marvellous sensory experience.  A smooth glide to touchdown.

Sam 17:29 And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?”

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